Our semiconductor gas sensor's features are "small size", "high sensitivity", "low price", "long life", and "maintenance free" and widely used in the consumer and industrial markets. In addition to such features, FIS has realized a small power consumption miniature gas sensor that can be used in a battery operated device.

The single sensor can differentiate and detect several types of gases with an unique signal processing and sensor driving method. Furthermore, the improved sensing material has realized carbon dioxide detection, which was assumed to be impossible with semiconductor gas sensors.

The above mentioned various innovation for production technology, signal processing method, and sensing material research is developing the FIS gas sensor application fields. FIS innovative sensing technology has yielded the products below:

Safety field

  • Battery operated CO alarm
  • Battery operated LP detector in a gas storage station
  • Combined fire, gas, and CO alarm; Fire (temperature) + gas leak (town gas) + incomplete combustion (CO)

Environmental field

  • Battery operated air monitor built in a remote controller
  • Air conditioner with an air purifier
  • Home use air purifiers
  • Ventilation with carbon monoxide monitor
  • Air damper controller in automobiles
  • Ozone monitor
  • Odor analyzer

Health field

  • Breath odor checker
  • Breath alcohol checker
  • Halitosis analyzer

Super sensitivity field

  • Hydrogen sulfide analyzer
  • Amine/Ammonia analyzer
  • Acetone analyzer
  • Isoprene analyzer
  • OEM analyzer


Home gas alarms
  • Natural gas alarms
  • LP-Gas alarms
CO detection
  • CO alarm for home
Fire/overheating monitoring
  • Home use
  • Electric wiring
  • Electrical home appliances
Kerosene/gas heaters
  • Combustion control
  • CO detection
Gas detection systems
  • Flammable gases
  • Toxic gases
  • Solvents
  • Freon
Portable gas detectors
  • Leak detector
  • Toxic gas detector
  • Fire detection system
LP-gas detector CO detector Gasoline vapor detection Hydrogen detection (fuel cell)


Indoor air quality controls
  • Air purifiers
  • Ventilation fans
  • Kitchen extractors
Cooking controls
  • Microwave/electric ovens
Combustion controls
  • Home boilers
Indoor air quality control
  • For buildings
CO monitoring for ventilation system
  • For parking
Production controls
  • Chemical process
  • Fermentation controls
Air quality controls
  • Air purifiers
Automatic Ventilation controls
  • Air damper controls
Breath alcohol checker


Breath alcohol detection
  • Handy alcohol checkers
Breath odor detection
  • Handy odor checkers
Gas analyzers
  • Ethylene
Odor analyzer (electronic-nose) Ozone monitor/analyzers Sensor Gas Chromatograph (SGC)
  • Odor analyzer
  • Breath analyzer
  • Very small amount gas measurement (R&D field)
Drunk driver detection
  • Breath alcohol detection
  • Palm alcohol detection