Privacy Policy

FIS determines our Privacy Policy as below, respects and protect customer's personal information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect customer's personal information in a valid way, specifying the purpose of usage, and informing the customers of such purpose, or announcing such purpose on our home page, etc. The purpose of usage in this site is limited to our reply to the inquiry and quotation request. The collected personal information will be handled within limitation necessary for such a purpose.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We never disclose your personal information without your advanced consent. However, we may have to disclose the information by law and/or request from public authorities.

Protection of Personal Information

We protect your personal information and prevent the information from being leaked.

Inquiry from you

When we receive your inquiry including your personal information, we will proceed to identify you. After the identification, we will faithfully comply with your request of disclosure, correction, stop, deletion, etc. within a reasonable limitation.


We will observe the laws and rules related to the personal information and continue to revise and improve this privacy policy.